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This is so we have a place to properly show off our Treasure Planet OCs :)
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theses will be submissions of non-members

Welcome Rules!

Welcome to :icontreasure-planet-ocs: I am the owner VoyagetoDiscover2013 or Britt our staff consists of NumberTheStars12 Mermaidgirlforever , AVPMfreakify , and FFXLuvur12 now our rules are simple.

No bashing other members!
No mature work
Nothing offensive to others

thats all :)Above all just have fun :D
Thanks for waiting, here we go. My plan is... a Treasure Planet II!!!

Ok, now before you...
•Start hugging the computer/iPad/phone screaming "JIMBO'S BACK!!! SILVER'S BACK!!! TREASURE PLANET!!!" or something of the like


•Throw your device across the room screaming "NO!!! NOT THE DISNEY SEQUEL!!!  

Please hear me out. You may/may not know this, but Disney originally planned to have a Treasure Planet II, but the idea was dropped because of the low box office earnings. Here is an article I found about this plan:


The sequel was to pick up where the first film left off, with Jim Hawkins going to the Royal Interstellar Academy. At the Academy, he is a hotshot “natural,” but he doesn’t follow the rules very well. Hence, he gets off to a shaky start – especially with his classmate Kate, who is very smart and has a type A personality. Kate’s father is Admiral Blake, the Commander of the Navy. Jim and Kate vie for top of the class but have very different skills.

Captain Amelia is dean of the Academy, which has a brand-new vessel: the Centurion. Designed by Doctor Doppler, the Centurion is the fastest ship in the galaxy. B.E.N. is its pilot.

The pirate Ironbeard desires to commandeer the Centurion. This ruthless villain is relatively all iron – almost nothing of who he originally was, inside and out, is left. He leads a group of pirates to hijack the Centurion while Jim and Kate are aboard. The Navy can’t catch the Centurion, due to the vessel’s speed and armor.

Jim and Kate escape the Centurion. Jim decides he needs a pirate to help catch pirates. They find his old buddy Long John Silver in the Lagoon Nebula, where he is running a smuggling ring. Silver agrees to help when he hears about the Centurion. Jim and Kate receive a tracking signal from B.E.N. – who is currently hostage aboard the Centurion – and follow via Silver’s creaky vessel. They discover the Centurion docked near the Botany Bay Prison Asteroid.

Ironbeard is using the Centurion to disable Botany Bay’s security systems. Jim, Kate and Silver sneak aboard the Centurion, where Silver reveals to Jim that he wants to take the Centurion for himself. He asks Jim to join him. Kate overhears this and is horrified, especially since the two have, of course, started falling for each other during the adventure.

Ironbeard discovers the intruders, charging into a fight in which Silver is injured. Meanwhile, the other pirates throw down ladders to the prison below, allowing swarms of elated prisoners to climb up into the ship. Silver, Jim, and Kate exit the Centurion amidst all the confusion. However, Ironbeard shoots down Silver’s ship. They plummet to the prison asteroid below, crash-landing.

Kate is angry at Jim and storms off. Jim is about to blow her off as well when Silver tells him to give her a chance. He reveals a part of his past through a flashback, when a young (non-cyborg) Silver screwed up a relationship with the love of his life – a decision which directly led to his life of piracy.

Silver has a very dangerous cargo with him that he had been trying to smuggle and sell for a fortune, which has the power of a neutron bomb. Jim, Kate and Silver reconcile and work together to fix Silver’s ship and prevent the Centurion, filled with the most evil pirates in the galaxy, from going on an insane robbing-and-killing spree. At the last second, Silver reluctantly gives up his “retirement fund” in order to destroy the Centurion, with Ironbeard and all the pirates on board.

Silver again parts from Jim and Kate, telling them to take care of each other. A few years later, Jim and Kate graduate with honors, while a proud Silver secretly watches from the shadows, smiling.

Fresh off his villainous turn in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, Willem Dafoe signed on to play Ironbeard. Most of the first film’s cast – which included Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Hawkins, Emma Thompson as Captain Amelia and Brian Murray as Silver – were expected to return. As for who might have played Kate, Falkenstein says, “I, honestly, can’t remember now who we were considering.”

The Treasure Planet 2 art team of Yarrow Cheney, Emil Mitev, and Mike Inman began working on visual development artwork. Mike Cedeno, who animated Jim Hawkins for the first Treasure Planet, designed Ironbeard. The production team had not gotten far enough to consider a composer for Treasure Planet 2. However, they were talking to Tommy Walter of the alternative rock bands Eels and Abandoned Pools, to write and perform songs in the same vein as John Rzeznik’s music for the first Treasure Planet.

Regarding directors John Musker and Ron Clements, Falkenstein says, “We did pick their brains, but other than that, they were not really involved.” After all, the directorial duo were hard at work finishing and promoting the first Treasure Planet, which was months away from release.

In October 2002, Thomas Schumacher, then-President of Walt Disney Feature Animation, spoke with Cinescape about his plans to expand Treasure Planet‘s universe with sequels and a television series. “We’ve got a story and some storyboards and concepts up, and a script for what a sequel to this could be. There’s also a notion of what a series could be,” he told the news source. “I have all the pieces in place, and should we [decide] to push the button, we push the button and go with it.”

Despite Schumacher’s optimistic words, Falkenstein understood Disney was concerned about how Treasure Planet might perform. With a reported production budget of $140 million, the traditionally animated film needed to be a blockbuster in a time when audiences were seemingly more interested in the increasing number of computer animated features. Still, the traditionally animated Lilo & Stitch had proven to be a respectable hit that summer by collecting $273 worldwide, offering hope that families would be up for a trip to Treasure Planet.

But those hopes were dashed when Treasure Planet opened Thanksgiving 2002. Over the five-day weekend, the movie came in fourth – behind 007′s Die Another Day, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Disney’s own Santa Clause 2 – with $17 million.

The Monday afterward, Falkenstein, producer Prudence Fenton, and voice director Jamie Thomason were at a recording studio in New York. Willem Dafoe was scheduled to arrive in 30 minutes, to record his lines. Instead, the creative team received a phone call, which they were asked to put on speakerphone. The caller, whom Falkenstein declines to name, revealed the bad news: Treasure Planet 2 had been canceled.

“This was a huge bummer, because we thought the project was rocketing along really smoothly,” says Falkenstein. “All the crew were really enthusiastic about the film.”

By early December, Disney had announced it would deduct $47 million off its previously-reported fourth-quarter earnings. Treasure Planet received a boost in recognition with an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. However, the notice was too little too late. At the end of its box office run in 2003, Treasure Planet had grossed a disappointing $109.6 million worldwide. Disney took a $74 million write off on the film.

Falkenstein went on to work as a storyboard artist for numerous films, including Despicable Me, The Smurfs, and Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, which is still playing in theaters. “My friend Will [Oz co-director Will Finn] asked me to do some storyboards, and I’m happy to help Will with anything,” she explains. More recently, Falkenstein did storyboard work on Reel FX’s upcoming Beasts Of Burden, Shane Acker’s adaptation of the Dark Horse comic series. In the meantime, she and Kevin Johnson have been developing a Jungle Book movie for DQ Entertainment.

Treasure Planet did get a sequel of sorts in the PC strategy game Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon, which was released before the movie opened in theaters. But Jim Hawkins and Silver have yet to reunite for a feature follow-up and television series. Treasure Planet has collected a following in recent years thanks to its home entertainment releases and availability on Netflix Instant. However, fans may need to be content with a sole adventure alongside Hawkins. In the quest for box office gold, few execs would risk another journey to Treasure Planet. The odds of a sequel are slim to none, at least for the foreseeable future.


Wow. So yeah, found this online and figured that we are on an art website, so why shouldn't we, as Treasure Planet fans, continue the amazing movie's legacy?! But I can't do it alone, so I'll need your help. Here are the main jobs (that I know of) we need filled:

•Director(s)◦Script-writer(s)◾Storyboard artist(s)◾Animators◾Artists◾Composer(s)◾People who can perform the composed music

and, of course...


Those of you who know me/have read my bio know I am a musical actress, so I could probably do at least one of the voices/perform a song. But I am not the most talented artist/writer, so I'll need your help on that. If any of you can compose original music, let me know because that will be very important.

I also don't know anything at all about animation, so those of you who do know how to do it, let me know.

Overall, I just want to make a sequel that Treasure Planet fans will actually like, and that will be fun to watch for everyone. I know that with you, we can make this happen! Thanks so much, hope you decide to help!

Comment saying if you do/don't want to help, and if you have questions. I will be posting the concept art soon on my profile.

P.S. If you can think of a good title like "Jim's Return" or something, let me know.

I'm super glad that so many of you have been reading my TPII ideas, and I'm beyond amazed you are already contributing to this project. You have really made me welcome my first few weeks on DeviantArt! I've decided to have a sort of 'contest' to take your OC's, mix them all together to make side characters for the movie. Here are the requirements/guidelines:

-Please choose one/more than one OC of yours (Treasure Planet only) and tell me about them in form of a note or comment (or whatever else is easiest for you, even a Deviation/character chart).

-Tell me their appearance: hair color/description, eye color, skin tone, etc. (The more descriptive the better!!!)

-Describe their personality: likes and dislikes, goals, dreams, etc. (Again, the more descriptive the better!!!)

Also, include a picture. In my plotline idea, Jim will meet some kids his age at the Interstellar Academy. He will have two close friends (besides Kate, who probably won't be their friend at first): a boy and a girl who will, of course, fall in love at the end. (Unless I decide that's too much sugary-sweet love and keep them just friends) My current filler characters are an adventurous, outspoken human named Annaliese (basically my original TP OC) and a blue, elf-looking, intelligent alien named Uwen (couldn't think of a good name, ok?). I would like to use your OC's to influence these characters so this will be more of a group project. So, yeah!

Here are some character positions that can be filled:

-The current 'Annaliese' and 'Uwen' (of course)

-Other background students

-Pirates (of Ironbeard)

-Silver's fellow pirates (the ones in his smuggling ring)

-Silver's ex-girlfriend (still deciding if she'll show up in anything other than the flashback, or if she'll go back with Silver) (This should be easy for you many SILVER FANS!!!)

-Jim's dad, Leland (because he'll be a real character this time!)

-The Doppler kids! (sure they'll be 1 year old at max, but still...)

Wow! That's a lot of options! So, don't be afraid to make a suggestion! I can pretty much promise (unless you surprise me and contribute a LOT) that one of your OC's will be featured in some flavor in this movie!

So, as a wrap up, please submit your OC's and I will mash them all together, tweak them a bit, or leave 'em alone and put them in this movie! Don't be afraid! I promise I don't bite! SUBMIT YOUR AWESOME OC'S, PLEASE!!!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Confessions? Please let me know below, on my profile, or in a note! Love you all!


EDIT: Thanks to VoyagetoDiscover2013's lovely comment, I was reminded to let you guys know that I WILL credit you for your OC's:D So please enter them!
Hello guys,

If you watch me you seen this a few weeks ago but if not here it is now! I wasn't going to make a statement about it till I seen :icondisneytolkienfangirl: make a comment below about such. But here it is my dears:… All you jim fans can finally see a cannon girlfriend for him ;) I hope youguys enjoy this as much as I have.

~Britt (Owner)
:w00t: We did it in the 2.5 years we been in operation we've made it to 100! :party: To celebrate I wish to Make a Large collage of all your OCs (one per person please!) To post on our page for all to see. Thank you :iconnist0001: for being number 100! So leae a link to your oc below and I'll get started soon as my classes are over!
Ahoy Spacers! T'is near the holidays and we the people of the Terran Empire love to celebrate weather it be a grand feast down at ye old Benbow or a swig o'rum with our pirate crew, or a grand ball in the palace walls! The meaning of this contest is draw/writing/illustrate in some way how your oc celebrates the Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, New Years, What ever you celebrate) The dead line is January 2nd 2014 yes you have nearly two months on this one.  

Now prizes have not yet been decided.

Now here's a little something else I'd like to try secret Santa. Ho that'll go is you note the group a drawing you want bu in return you must fill out a request of another  Deviant I or an admin will send you a persons name and their want but you do not tell them till is is done. Do not comment here just the the group for that.

Happy Holidays!
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